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Most incidents on the road are avoidable irrespective of who was at fault or the conditions. Defensive Driver Training produces Low Risk Drivers.

We offer the most modern, effective and non-judgmental driver training available. Using the latest available statistics, we have compiled a ground-breaking course which will change the way you view driving.

PART 1 - Defensive Driving Seminar

An eye opening 2 hour group seminar highlighting some of the many causes of incidents and what can be done to avoid them.

PART 2 - Practical On-Road Instruction

Now fasten your seatbelt as an instructor accompanies you the following day on a 45 minute drive in you own vehicle, helping you to apply what was discussed in the presentation. Full report given highlighting areas that need improvement.

PART 3 - Test

Around four to six weeks later, we will expect you back for your advanced driving test. Again you will drive for 45 minutes whilst the examiner records your performance. Passing the test will put you in the top 2% of drivers in South Africa.

Human error is the cause of most traffic collisions

We are not going to turn you into a racing driver, but the skills we teach will keep you safe where it counts most; driving to work, carting the kids around, or just going out to dinner.

Our training is a great cost-saver for companies too; after training, 50% reduction in the number of collisions is often noted.


  • Price upon application depending on location.